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artists, scientists, technologist, designers, metamusicians, fishermen, transcendental lurkers + professional hockeyPlayers introduce new inventions + fantastically wonderful creativity to our earthly universe at an every quickening pace … i have no doubt that our intentions, at first, are quite innocent, perhaps even naive on many levels

these objects — our creations — inanimate or somehow electronically alive + socially responsive to our human beat … these objects are typically meant to serve us — to compliment + extend our capabilities — to aesthetically + haptically please us, to seduce us even

but what happens when our technological creations, upon deeper investigation, actually prove to be harmful to us? what happens when the original dreams of our ‘progress’ get all titty-twisted + start to injure instead of assist? what happens when our art attacks us? what if the very heart of the objects we’ve created — these provocative objects — become infected with a spirit of evil?

Special thanks
I dreamt up this nightmare scenario of a project a while back. Some controversy arose when I started to poke around the web to find a way to make it happen. Luckily I am blessed to have some amazing, generous + talented colleagues up at Dynamic Media Institute at MassArt.

I can only begin to describe the utterly astounding patience + know-how Alex Wang has brought to this project + my seaShell Telephony series of cyberSurreal prototypes toward my thesis. He is truly an inspiration + I continually learn from him on a daily basis. Read more about Alex and see his portfolio >

I got to know Fred Wolflink through our Summer Processing class with Colin Owens + Scott Murray { also equally amazing to work with, just not directly involved in this prototype }. Fred brings both a deep understanding of the microelectronics involved as well as the conceptual insight needed to guide, enhance + strengthen project work. He walked through every step of the original Instructables code borrowed to start the moneyShot project + then, over the course of an afternoon, iteratively walked through the incredible minutia of each component used to build out the prototype.

Without this collected, interdepartmental community of sheer genius + mentorship I would never have been able to build out this piece + make this splash in the rich + exciting Boston microelectronics + art scene. I feel triple blessed to work + collaborate with the likes of Alex + Fred { Colin, Scott and David too, among others } + thank you for your particular efforts on moneyShot Bouquet ;]

About lou suSi
lou suSi is an artist, designer, musician and performer living and working on the North Shore of Massachusetts

lou and Carol suSi own and operate the new media and web design consultancy BXOS !nteractive! { serious business | smart design }

lou is currently working toward an MFA in Communication Design at The Dynamic Media Institute at Massachusetts College of Art and Design

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