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laugh for life :: live in laughter

We laugh for many reasons. Laugh Foundation’s new iteration of the mixed-media score for laughter, laughStream 3.0, explores the psychology of laughter through live performance and pre-recorded media accompaniment. Through the volume, timbre, texture and delivery of laughter, performers will emotionally lead the audience through 5 short 2-minute laugh movements. Although we aim to take advantage of the contagious nature of laughter during certain passages, this second installment of laughStream 3.0 focuses mostly on the social dynamics of laughter and how the nature of laughter changes depending on laugh source and target. Laugh Foundation seeks to ultimately free laughter from any harmful direct associations with ‘humor’ and treat the medium as an expressive independent musical-language system.

laugh for life :: live in laughter
The first installment of laughtStream 3.0 features the live laughter performances of Deb Mascara { Sitar Tabla Power, Radio Pü, Clyve & the management and Group of 9 }, lou suSi { Group of 9, Gasohol and Hot Sects }, + introducing Laugh Foundation’s latest + most provocative member, Jon Hindmarsh { Cho Experiment, The Somerville Laughter Club, Radio Pü and The Genius of Flexibility } The audio backdrop pre-recordings of prepared + provided by FeatureCreep.

For more information on the first installment of laughStream 2.0, visit the official Mobius website.

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