Artist Bios

We finally got our act together to provide you the full list of participating provocateurs below. The following artists collaboratively participated in Provocative Objects in the most amazing way to create a truly magical evening of cyberSurreal, immersive, interdisciplinary fun. We’ll eventually link over to Artist Bios + other interesting details — stay tuned for updates + more details!

X Y Laura Amador Daniel DeLuca
Stereo Soul Future Laugh Foundation Daniel Buckley
Stacy Scibelli Larry Caveney Courtney Lockemer
Scott Murray Joshua Dolby Courtney Brown
Philippe Lejeune Joseph ‘Puppy’ Wight Christopher Field
Mauri Lehtonen Ellen Lake Chris Basmajian
Mary Rachel Fanning sara june Andrew Ellis
lou suSi Elizabeth Mead Alison Kotin
Leigh Wells Dwayne Butcher Albert Negredo
Lauren McCarthy David Tamés  

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