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David + i got together at the Dynamic Media Institute’s international headquarters at MassArt to run through the list of participating artists one last time + start the final phases of planning and coordination to put the Provocative Objects show together for November 12th

i am still extremely late getting back to each artist on the list … hoping to finish all follow-ups via email tomorrow … i am really looking forward to finally announcing the list of artists + work on the main page of the website, as well as the performance and videoLoop schedule for the evening of the 12th … we’re also checking into area venues to have our cyberSurreal afterParty @ … any ideas, let us know … so far we’ve reached out to The Savant Project up on Tremont in the heart of Mission Hill … its usually a happening spot { hopefully they’ll let us know if they can accomodate our kinda crowd ;] }

more soon as the show continues to develop

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{ will the defendant please rise? }

Trapeze Artist Erma Ward
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today’s the last day of submissions for Provocative Objects: the extradition and we’re working away like madhatters in a latvian family trapeze act, reviewing all the work that came in through our posts to Rhizome, ProArts Connect, Big Red & Shiny and on other communities ‘out there’ on the web

an amazing assortment of work … over 40 international submissions coming in from the Boston area, New York City, San Francisco, Tennessee, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Crete … this show is sure to be off the hook … i really look forward to seeing it all in The Doran with full house of gallerygoers enjoying food, drink and conversation

a quick note: we received so many incredible submissions that David + i reserved a slot at The Doran Gallery for a second show tentatively set for midSpring 2011, hopefully to coordinate with The Boston Cyberarts Festival … we’ll be sure to start up the call for works again toward the beginning of 2011 … watch for more details here on the Provocative Objects website

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Provocative Tweetings

Heat Wave Redux
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Provocative Objects is now official up on Twitter … and the objective is to not only promote the show and any of the artists and work for the night of Friday, November 12th, but to also produce ‘Provocative Tweetings’

that’s right … the tweets that go bump in the night + drive yur pulse up a notch … please, follow us on Twitter at @provocativeobj … you won’t be disappointed … and if you are, we really won’t be too troubled by your negativity

have fun, do it now

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strange messages

North America and Pelican Nebulae (narrowband)
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as David + i started putting together the concepts show this summer, as more + more posts went out to solicit submissions to Provocative Objects, a bevy of strange emails + messages pertaining to the exhibit-event started to trickle in

a few random + scattered voicemails started it all off … i mean, i guess i shouldn’t have put my cellphone # in the call for work, ya know? i mean, these messages aren’t ‘threatening’ or anything, just vaguely bizzarre

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{ . provocative objects: the extradition . }

On Friday, November 12, 2010 { 10 | 11 | 12 } in The Patricia Doran Gallery at The Massachusetts College of Art and Design, please join us for the cyberSurreal, interdisciplinary and immersive exhibit-event & experience:

Provocative Objects: the extradition

Gallery doors will open at 6pm for the official reception and performative fun. The full event functionality will officially run until 10pm { or beyond } with a casual afterparty celebration to follow at a nearby area venue.

Co-curated by The Dynamic Media Institute’s veryOwn David Tamés and lou suSi, Provocative Objects thusfar includes the eclectic works of Alison Kotin { DMI }, Courtney Lockemer { SIM }, sara june { Mobius }, Scott Murray { DMI and beyond }, Joshua Dolby { caughtYOUpicking | Screwdriver.tv }, Andrew Ellis { DMI }, Phillippe Lejeune, David Tamés, lou suSi, Laugh Foundation and other truly amazing artists, designers & performers. Featured musical act: Stereo Soul Future { including Christopher Field from DMI }.

More information to follow at this website and other social web & ‘out there’ augmented informational destinations.

We hope to see you there!

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