debriefed: behind the scenes

pun intended ;] — oh, yes, i’m so bad — the bad boy of new media + performance art i guess, right? oh, those cyberSurrealists just never stop cyberPunkin’ it up ha ha!

so, there’s v1 + v2 of the cover concepts for Provocative Objects: debriefed … one a bit raw + sensual, i guess, right? a little Victoria’s Secret + cheesy, but perhaps a bit ribald for the design + new media community … too ‘wardrobe malfunctiony’ i think, right? + the other stays tried + true to the original postcard + deceptively elegant ‘wedding invitation’ brand concept for the event

i’m pretty certain we’re goin’ w/ v2, but what say you oh provocateurs? any votes to post up here on the comment gallery? hmMMmmMM?

but seriously, folks … David + i work away at calling all participating artists, provocateurs + gallerygoers to collect the forensic evidence of what happened at Provocative Objects … we’re collecting reflections, like raindrops in a conchShell, and attempting to make a beautiful + cool retrospective catalog to Provocative Objects called ‘debriefed’ … my literal visual translation of what debriefed could mean is a little naughty, no? but then again, i’m a bit more in tune w/ that reptilian walnut at the base of my neural epicenter than most … the man w/ the x-ray eyes … Donovan’s Brain … Creature Double Feature

so far — we have audioCaptured interviews from Tania Ostorga, me { for Laugh Foundation } + Dwayne Butcher … i almost have Laura Amador lined up for a chat, and we sent out an email to get the conversation groovin’ — but drop us a line if you want to share what you experienced at Provocative Objects … we’re really trying to capture a multi-threaded perspective of the show to get at the spirit of the people involved from every angle

looking forward to hearing from you + to putting this amazing little book together


About lou suSi

lou suSi is an artist, designer, musician and performer living and working on the North Shore of Massachusetts
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