Provocative Objects: debriefed

A Meeting Of The Minds HDR
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okay, hey hey + Happy New Year to you ;]

its been a bit, i know … but here’s the dealio … David + i want to get some momentum goin’ on regarding post-show reflections + documentation from | for Provocative Objects: the extradition … we previously asked each artist to write up an essay or some prose { or other } response to the show, but i think the way we might proceed, as a way to make it fun + social even — we may set up a little meeting of the minds + invite all those that participated in making the night what it was

what does that mean? you may ask

so, a little call out to each participating artist would invite all y’alL to an evening of both local + remote conversation … i would also want to invite anyone that assisted in any way in setup + breakdown as well as the management of the show … + then, to make the context of the evening complete, i would want to also invite any gallerygoers, those that might’ve been there to see the artwork + performances, to eat + converse, to celebrate + make the artist-audience exchange complete

so, the Bureau of cyberSurreal Investigation will be tapping into the old calendar here for 2011, looking for dates to consider … any suggestions, you’re more than welcome to comment here or email either of us … + then, the ultimate goal of alL of this is to compile a professional + thoughtful exhibition catalog that nicely encapsulates Provocative Objects, hopefully expressing: the breadth of work shown that evening, the excitement + buzz of the room, the food + drink + fun, and anything else the larger community brings to the catalog

stay tuned :]

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