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its a little over a week after Provocative Objects at The Doran Gallery at MassArt + David + i are busily trying to catch up + readjust to our normal, everyday program whilst also whittling away at some sort of thank you communication to the many wonderful artists + volunteers that participated in making this show an amazing success … expect to see something via email verySoon, but until then { maybe Sunday evening, maybe early next week } i wanted to send out a very special thank you to some amazing individuals that go a bit unsung, but that always go over + beyond to help ‘make it happen’ out at MassArt + especially, in this case, for this show …

… in no particular order …

firstly, i definitely need to thank David for this wonderful collaboration … i think we both subconsciously knew this would be a fun endeavor … + we’d been already collaborating on hawtSeat for months + months over the Summer … but David truly helped bring this experience to an entirely different level that i could’ve never imagined possible if this were not a co-curatorial effort … i have the utmost respect + admiration for his continual generosity + professionalism, and for this everStreaming thoughtfulness throughout … so much work + planning, but just so much amazing, amazing, amazing fun … thanks so much David ;]

we had a lot of help up front, well before we were putting our little provocative objects into the big box … Alison Kotin put together a fantastic press release + coordinated with all the appropriate + super-helpful forces at the ready … Sonia Targontsidis, Joe Quackenbush, Jan Kubasiewicz,Jenny Gibbs, Nadia Savage, George Creamer, Brian Lucid, Saul Baizman and others that helped put together + send out the official postcard + get the word out via HTML email, official news promos + links on the DMI and MassArt websites + just jumping in wherever needed to get the word out about the show.

thank you to Kellian Adams at SCVNGR for giving us access to their incredible geolocation gaming technology … looks like several gallerygoers hopped on to the Official Provocative Objects SCVNGR Trek throughout the evening, + we now have the data to prove it ;]

Sondra Grace + Robin Chalfin of MassArt’s Fashion Department donated 2 Giorgio Armani mannequins to the show … these came in handy, nicely showing off Stacy Scibelli’s piece Sabotage … thank you both for coordinating with me the entire time via email + cellphone, hopefully i didn’t ruin a long weekend for either of you

on the technical side of life, i know that there are many unSung heroes that continually pour their energy + expertise into the actual projectwork for the students at MassArt … Alex Wang, Fred Wolflink, Brian Lucid + Colin Owens deserve a few songs each for their contributions to some of the unique, intriguing project work on display throughout the space at Provocative Objects … thank you for all of your support … i know you all not only contribute to the electronics side a things, but also to deepening the potential of all of these projects … your collaborative involvement in these projects is invaluable to DMI, MassArt + the Boston-area new media communities … thank you

on the floor, both on Thursday + Friday, we were extremely fortunate to have Alex Wang, Yaoming Hao + Joseph Liberty … each tirelessly installed pieces in the gallery, helped transport materials + other items from the Tower to The Doran, + quickly came to the rescue whenever i was pulling out the very little hair i might have left back there ;] … thanks, you guys are the best! … i got your backs ;]

Jennifer Oliver + Jennifer Juliano are always too cool to us when we need access to Ward Street parking to help make these shows happen … i know i can just stop by or shoot off an email + we’ll be taken care of … it’d be next to impossible to get some of the objects + materials we needed for the show into The Doran with some sort of cyberSurreal parade of fools limping in from Mindoro … besides parking, your advice + assistance in coordinating some of the more unusual requests for this show helped make the blurring start before even entering the gallerySpace … thank you so much once again …

we also had many double-secret provocateurs wandering The Doran that night, helping keep the finely oiled machine well-tuned + running like a kitten’s purrings … Daniel managed the stageSpace + other gallery responsibilities the entire night, which made for a smooth night, thank you … Kent Millard + Andrew Ellis not only helmed the video + photographic captures for the night, but also jumped right in to set up the foodSpread { sorry for just dumping that one on you both, but thank you for making it looks so good + gettin’ it all together } … + then all of the DMI seemed to just be there, helping in one manner or another … this was a fairly chaotic evening with so many pieces, so many artists, + i appreciate all the assistance + support our little family threw into this … thank you, thank you, thank you

+ then, of course, for all of you lucky enough to stay alL the way to the end of the exhibit-event, we need to give thanks + praise to Stereo Soul Future … what a fantastic way to cap of the night … SSF put on an amazing set under the metaDome { intriguing projections of each member of the band seemed to watch down upon the performance in a very cyberSurrealistic manner … head + shoulder shots, all in black + white ( or is this simply my memory playing tricks on me? ) faded from one bandmate to the next as each seemed to talk or stare directly down on the band + the audience } … i don’t think the evening could have felt as complete without this performance, the wonderful sound of the band in this space, i think it really brought the entire room together as a microCommunity of spectators to round out the evening nicely with this ritual of live music listening that is extremely important to me + apparently equally important to many a Bostonian ‘out there’ in the artmosphere … Stereo Soul Future, thanks for putting on a rockin’ show … + thanks for making the performance an interesting musicSet within a video installation … just what the doctor ordered ;]

i’m sure i left out a few names + faces here, but hopefully that’s not the case … please know that i truly appreciate everyone that pitched in to make this wonderful event such a fantastic success … such a dream come true for me

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