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its now a few days after the official exhibit-event Provocative Objects out at The Doran + i am already finding it difficult to catch up … i want SO badly to post everything i have ‘out there’ for the amazing artists, designers, musicians + performers to grab + share — for those that came out to the show { or not } to take a look back + see what a wild + crazy scene this show was … i mean, it was exactly what i dreamed last year’s American Cheese: an introspection would be, + SO much more

+ even with all that might be documented { i just saw some amazing photography that Andrew Ellis posted up to our Facebook Group for Provocative Objects, just amazing work } … there are certain experiences + sensations i will never forget that capture some of the incredible excitement of the night

i needed to use a bullhorn at certain critical junctures of the evening to communicate out to the crowd what might be happening next … even that first half hour of delay, the crowd out in the foyer area { Ellen + Pleo on the pristine shaggy rug off to one side, the Beta for hawtSeat with pornistic soundtrackings just across the way } + then that fated moment when i got to open the box { The Doran became a box to me, a giant container perhaps, an object in itself for the gallerygoers to explore + enjoy } + give the Willy WonkaeSque + emotion-filled but simple ‘Welcome’ salutation with a simple wave of the hand … to see SO many people jammed in that space, waiting to come in … i can only begin to explain the incredible joy + delight i felt … the immense gratitude + happiness for the participating artists just about to reveal their brilliant works

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