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we had a fantastic turn-out at Provocative Objects on Friday thanks to the multithreaded efforts of the students + faculty of The Dynamic Media Institute, the MassArt Graduate Office and SO many people that came together to put together an amazing cyberSurreal exhibit-event out at The Doran … thank you thank you thank you … this is the stuffing dreams are made of

in our scurrying about, we did manage to put together a Provocative Objects SCVNGR Trek … we didn’t have a lot of time to really put the word ‘out there’ on our website for the night of the event, but i am delighted to report that some of the quickly-posted signage led to a decent amount of participation in this amazing new geoLocation-based, mobile gaming experience

The official Provocative Objects Trek on SCVNGR

Some SCVNGR stats fer yasuper special thanks to the folks at SCVNGR for letting us play with their incredible technology for the night … + to those that partook in this additional layer to the Provocative Objects experience … interesting little pieChart we got here so far … very interestig … hmmMMmmMMmm ;]

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