{ uncoolness }

so, i noticed some strange sh!t goin’ down around campus … we must’ve ticked somebody off + they’re lashin’ out against the show, taking it out on our poster campaign on the MassArt campus here

looks like someone crumpled up a bunch of our posters, sometimes ripped them, turn them upsidedown, stuck ’em in toilets, just totally disrespected the pristine design of our poster + the feeling of calm divinity we’re trying to instill through this exhibit-event … totally infuriating … we won’t let them get away with this … we’ll definitely seek them out + bring these bastids to justice by any means necessary

here are the images these rapscallions posted to a strange website called:

. | W | E || L | i | K | E || T | o |
| M | A | K | E || T | H | i | N | G | Z |
| H | A | p | P | E | N | .

this is definitely uncool … heads will roll, just you wait + see!

About lou suSi

lou suSi is an artist, designer, musician and performer living and working on the North Shore of Massachusetts
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