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i hope this embeds here in the site … can’t tell what’ll happen, but here’s the deal …

i just saw this video clip up on Facebook … Mobius Artist Liz Roncka posted a piece called Inherently on YouTube … here it is …

i’m hoping we can get this particular piece into Provocative Objects 2 in the Spring of 2011 … David + i really got SO much incredible work in the submissions to Provocative Objects + i am super excited about the opportunity for us to continue this theme in the Spring at The Doran … we have at least a half dozen artists that we just couldn’t fit in the space, there was THAT much amazing work coming in … + so much of it was ‘spot on’ regarding the theme of the show, totally fitting the level of blur + provocation we solicited in the original calls for work out on Rhizome, ProArts, Dorkbots + beyond … anyhow, i know that i’ll be personally reaching out to a lot of the amazing artists we couldn’t fit in this time around to see if they’ll consider the fun-augmented exhibit-event we’ll have in the Spring

i have to say, Liz’s work in the above video hits an amazing universal nerve of disturbance, darkness + emotion … there’s a sense in the performance, for me, of ritual … something between baptism + the blood, water + the wine … self-humiliation, humanness, vulnerability, a peer-to-peer one-to-one iPhone video-confessional as only a true timeless artist could deliver … i don’t know whether to reach out in some way to offer comfort + friendship or to ‘share’ the clip with thousands of people + congratulate her on the depth + authenticity her delivery conveys

perhaps there’s occasion to do a bit of both … amazing, truly amazing work

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its all about hot sects on the web { now with cults too! }
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