{ provocative countdown }

Freelensing experiment
Image by Mijndert Stuij via Flickr

this is it! … the countdown to Provocative Objects: the extradition … alL the work is lined up + the emails are flying … work will be coming in from New York, Barcelona, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, Tokyo, Memphis and even Boston { heh heh } … i mean, we’ll even post the listing of all the participating artists and titles of the work soon … imagine that? { no seriously, imagine that, okay? hmmMMmmMMmm … yeah, i can almost see it now, you walk into the Artist’s Residence at MassArt and as you approach The Doran Gallery … mmMmmMMmm }

we’re mounting the excitement … + the excitement is mounting … otherSuch announcements wilL pop up here + there + any last minute details + plans are coming together in a nice + provocative way

feel free to drop us a line w/ any questions … spread the word if you can … email + call + tweet alL about it, aight?

+ if i haven’t mentioned it yet, don’t forget … there’s gonna be free food ;]

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its all about hot sects on the web { now with cults too! }
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