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aight … phew! … finally … after working day + night with the cyberSurreal curatorial committee to jury all the submissions for Provocative Objects, we’ve finally nailed it down + i’ve finally reached out to contact all the amazing artists, designers + performers about the results of the jurying

we had close to 40 artists submit from alL over the world … i’m trying to coordinate all the technical needs as well as the more comfort-related aspects of the show as we quickly approach + David is setting up task forces to document the show as well as muscling each participating artist for bios, pics, statements + other intriguing information to post here on the website … the Provocative Objects website itself will become a living, breathing document of the show … a book of sorts to catalog the concepts, work, thought + other sundries collected along the way … everything that will go into the show { or exhibit-event as i’m calling it }

i am extremely excited about all the work that came in … + i feel that a lot needed to be cut along the way due to the limitations of one night + one room … The Doran is a wonderful space that i had the pleasure of working in last year, and i wouldn’t have it any other way for this first installment of Provocative Objects, but there’s only so much artwork you can get in … we tried to use the loosely defined themes of ‘provocation’, ‘object’ and ‘blur’ to help us determine what got in this time around + we hope — with even as provocative that we aspire to be — that in the end, even submitting artists that did not make it into the show realize still somehow come out of our jurying process with a good feeling + the encouragement to submit to Provocative Objects 2 in the Spring of 2011

that said, i need to strip down, shower up + get the fnck outta the house to go vote + get into the lab with Alex + Fred to get some prototyping time in … all the best to the best … hope to see you out at Provocative Objects soon ;]

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