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David + i got together at the Dynamic Media Institute’s international headquarters at MassArt to run through the list of participating artists one last time + start the final phases of planning and coordination to put the Provocative Objects show together for November 12th

i am still extremely late getting back to each artist on the list … hoping to finish all follow-ups via email tomorrow … i am really looking forward to finally announcing the list of artists + work on the main page of the website, as well as the performance and videoLoop schedule for the evening of the 12th … we’re also checking into area venues to have our cyberSurreal afterParty @ … any ideas, let us know … so far we’ve reached out to The Savant Project up on Tremont in the heart of Mission Hill … its usually a happening spot { hopefully they’ll let us know if they can accomodate our kinda crowd ;] }

more soon as the show continues to develop

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About hot sects

its all about hot sects on the web { now with cults too! }
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