{ will the defendant please rise? }

Trapeze Artist Erma Ward
Image by Wisconsin Historical Images via Flickr

today’s the last day of submissions for Provocative Objects: the extradition and we’re working away like madhatters in a latvian family trapeze act, reviewing all the work that came in through our posts to Rhizome, ProArts Connect, Big Red & Shiny and on other communities ‘out there’ on the web

an amazing assortment of work … over 40 international submissions coming in from the Boston area, New York City, San Francisco, Tennessee, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Crete … this show is sure to be off the hook … i really look forward to seeing it all in The Doran with full house of gallerygoers enjoying food, drink and conversation

a quick note: we received so many incredible submissions that David + i reserved a slot at The Doran Gallery for a second show tentatively set for midSpring 2011, hopefully to coordinate with The Boston Cyberarts Festival … we’ll be sure to start up the call for works again toward the beginning of 2011 … watch for more details here on the Provocative Objects website

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