On Friday, November 12, 2010 the cyberSurreal, interdisciplinary and immersive exhibit-event & experience Provocative Objects: the extradition opened up our little box once known as Patricia Doran Gallery at Massachusetts College of Art and Design to fellow artists, designers, gallerygoers and provocateurs for an evening of wild creative abandon and cyberSurreal wonderment.

Previously & on Provocative Objects

Please join us on Friday, November 12, 2010 in the Patricia Doran Gallery at Massachusetts College of Art and Design for the cyberSurreal, interdisciplinary and immersive exhibit-event & experience:

Provocative Objects: the extradition

Gallery doors will open at 6pm for the official reception and performative fun. The full event functionality will officially run until 10pm { or beyond } with a casual afterparty celebration to follow at a nearby area venue.

Co-curated by The Dynamic Media Institute’s veryOwn David Tamés and lou suSi, Provocative Objects thusfar includes the eclectic works of Alison Kotin { DMI }, Courtney Lockemer { SIM }, sara june { Mobius }, Scott Murray { DMI and beyond }, Joshua Dolby { caughtYOUpicking | Screwdriver.tv }, Andrew Ellis { DMI }, Phillippe Lejeune, David Tamés, lou suSi, Laugh Foundation and other truly amazing artists, designers & performers. Featured musical act: Stereo Soul Future { including Christopher Field from DMI }.

And don’t forget … if its not painstakingly obvious in the above description, on the postcards, posters, emails, tweets, Facebook brand extensions or any other little bits of PO sprinkled around the net + on MassArt’s campus … well, we’re gonna have

That’s right … we’ll have a scrumptous little smørgasborg of foodie consumptables accompanied by some tasty liquids to wash that sh!t down. By all means, don’t forget that this is an art show … but we aims ta keep the people happy ‘n’ healthy, too.

We are currently accepting informal but professional calls for work and participation for Provocative Objects. To submit a proposal, contact lou suSi via email at cheese at hotsects dot com. Here is the short, original email-delivered description of the show & the sort of work we’re looking to inspire & include:

We are looking for pieces that instigate the viewer-participant-gallerygoer or blur the line and leave the audience wondering. Physical traditional art objects — dynamic prototypes — video, performative and conceptual work — we’re looking to collect an eclectic body of work to provoke viewer-participant exploration, thought, discussion and interaction. There will be a vaguely-defined ‘stageSpace’ for certain event-related ‘performances’ throughout the evening as well as numerous ‘objects’ or installations.

For more information, feel free to call lou at 617.750.2922 or email cheese at hotsects dot com. More information to follow at this page and other social web & ‘out there’ augmented informational destinations.

We hope to see you there!

The General Area

Just in case you’re not familiar with the area, we’ve included this map of the MassArt + Mission Hill area. We look forward to seeing you out at Provocative Objects in The Doran Gallery and also hope to hang out after ‘n’ party with you at 1 of the 3 recommended locations in Mission Hill.

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